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Classic hot rod parts for sale Last updated on September 28, 2013

The parts that are on this page are left over from my roadster project and my coupe project. Some of them came with other parts that I bought. All of these parts on this page are currently in stock. Everything I sell comes with a money-back gaurantee. If you buy something from me and you're not happy with it, just let me know, send it back, and I will return your money less the postage. If you are interested in any of these parts, or if you have any questions about them, please call me at (602) 233-8400. Thanks for looking!

Cal Custom valve covers These valve covers are NOS, made by Cal Custom in California.

On the inside they say "Carson, Calif. No. 4701-4028".

These were one of very few aftermarket valve covers to have oil drippers located above the rocker arms. Although Cal Custom made valve covers for many different engines, the big block Chevy version was the only one that I know of, and the only aftermarket big block Chevy valve covers that I know of other than Edelbrock, that had drippers. $300 for the pair with free shipping in the lower 48 states.

Cal Custom air cleaner Here's an NOS 14-inch Cal Custom finned aluminum air cleaner top that I was lucky enough to find on eBay.

$150 with free shipping in the lower 48 states.

Childs & Albert rods This is a set of eight Childs & Albert aluminum rods for big block Chevy engines.

These are .250" longer than stock rods and have been used for fifty passes on gas.

$200 plus $10 shipping in the US.

The following original 1932 Ford parts are left over from my '32 projects:

1932 Ford cowl vent surrounds
1932 Ford headlights
1932 Ford rear frame horns
1932 Ford roadster back window frame
1932 Ford roadster top clips (NOS)
1932 Ford roadster top rests
1932 Ford rumble latches
1932 Ford running board brackets
1932 Ford running boards

Please phone me at (602) 233-8400 if you're interested in any of these parts.

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